161 New Students of Faculty of Pharmacy Joins Inaugurative Procession

Taken place at Faculty of Pharmacy Hasanuddin University (FF UH), Dean of FF UH, Prof. Dr. Gemini Alam, M.Si., Apt., welcomed formally 161 new students of 2016. From those students, 14.3% or around 23 students are male. The rest, approximately 85.7%, are female. 65 students were accepted through free test way (SNMPTN), 46 students were through national examination way (SBMPTN), 2 students were accepted via Art, Sport and Creativity Selection (POSK), 1 student entered via program of Affirmative of Higher Education and the rest (47 students) were enrolled via non-subsidy way.

The new students will join the procession of inauguration and coaching (P2MB) for 3 days. On the first day (August 16, 2016), this procession was held at the level of Faculty of Pharmacy. The second day (August 18, 2016), the procession will be continued at the level of study program and laboratories. On August 19, the last day, the inauguration will be conducted at student board level.

Prof. Dr. Gemini Alam, as the dean, welcomed formally those 161 new students. He opened his remarks by giving advice to the students about their existence at FF UH. “You competed with many candidates to get 1 position at FF UH,” he said.

After this welcoming speech, the agenda was continued by presentation of the dean. He delivered presentation talking about the history, structure of organization and academic process at the faculty. Sukamto S. Mamada was asked as moderator for this session.

At the second session of presentation, Vice Dean III for Students and Alumni Affairs, Dr. Sartini, M.Si., Apt., delivered her presentation talking about student circumstances at FF UH. She talked about introduction of role of Vice Dean III, the rules in campus, ethical value as students and scholarship.

The third session, there was another presentation given by Andi Dian Permana. He gave presentation about Student Creativity Programs (PKM). Both presentations were moderated by Rangga M. Asri.

This procession on the first day was ended at 15.00. Before ending the event, the students were asked to do assignment. The given assignment was to deliver their impression about faculty level of P2MB published through social media (twitter). Several tweets were as follows.

@UlfhaNau: @farmasi_unhas After seeing achievements accomplished by seniors, I become motivated to be like them #P2MBFFUH.”

@CampzMitha: Just now at Faculty of Pharmacy, I feel happy, many new experiences and teaching I got @farmasi_unhas @P2MBFFUH.”

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