173 New Pharmacists Sworn

173 students of Pharmacist Profession Study Program (PSPA) Faculty of Pharmacy Hasanuddin University were inaugurated and sworn as pharmacist. The procession was conducted at Baruga A. P. Pettarani Unhas Building. Vice Rector IV Unhas, Prof. Dr. dr. Budu, Sp.M, attended this inauguration as representative of Rector of Hasanuddin University. Other stakeholders were Chair of National Pharmacy Committee represented by Drs. Nurul Falah Eddy Pariang, Apt., representative of Indonesian Pharmacist Association Chapter South Sulawesi represented by Ambo Intang, M.Si., Apt., Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, Prof. Dr. Gemini Alam, M.Si., Apt. and Chair of Pharmacist Profession Study Program, Dra. Ermina Pakki, M.Si., Apt.

After the saying of promise and oath, the procession was followed by speeches by stakeholders. At the first occasion, representative of sworn new pharmacist, Ireno Megah Putera, gave his speech. He asked for forgiveness if there were unsatisfactory events duringtheir study time at Faculty of Pharmacy. At the end of his speech, he did not forget to give the deepest condolence on Dr. Rahmawati Syukur, Apt., passing away on September 28, 2016. “Let us pray. May God forgive all her sins, accept her merits and place her in the best place,” he said.

Ambo Intang gave the next speech as representativ of Indonesia Pharmacist Association Chapter South Sulawesi. “The challenge of our profession recently is going heavier and making government and legislative council realize that the management of medicines must be more qualified,” he said.

He gave examples of the challenges by presenting vaccine and fake medicine cases as well as heavier competition in the era of ASEAN Economic Community. As his closing statement, this owner of Apotek Plus network warned that the new pharmacists must relate to other health care providers and protect reputation of the profession wherever they are.

The speech wasn then followed by representative of National Pharmacist Committee, Drs. Nurul Falah Eddy Pariang, Apt. He is also President of Indonesian Pharmacist Association. In his speech, he paid more attention to role of pharmacist in community. After stating regulation protecting pharmaceutical practice such as Undang-Undang No.36/2009 about Health, he presented that one of the challenges faced by pharmacist recently is many pharmacists do not do pharmaceutical practice in high responsibility. “Medicines are always deemed by people as ordinary goods. Consequently, they access them with ordinary and easy way. In fact, management of medicine, including its administration, has to be conducted responsible in order to assure the quality of the medicine'” he said.

After this speech, the event was then followed by hearing speech of Vice Rector IV Unhas, Prof. Dr, dr. Budu, Sp.M. He was representation of Rector of Hasanuddin University. He delivered his congratulations to new pharmacists who have been sworn and are ready to work in community. As one of Unhas top leaders, he also said that the new pharmacists also become alumni of Unhas so that they have to protect Unhas reputation.

A bit different with previously inaugurative procession, for this moment, those fresh pharmacists directly receive 4 documents i.e diploma, Pharmacist Competency Certificate, Pharmacist Registration Letter and Affidavit. The pharmacists were hoped to use the documents properly to support their pharmaceutical practice in community. At this period of inauguration, the best alumni was given to Rifka Nurul Utami, S.Si., Apt. with GPA 3.94.

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