Achmad Himawan, S.Si., M.Si., Apt.

Assistant Professor
Physical Pharmacy/ Material Physics
S.Si. (Universitas Hasanudin, 2007)
Apt. (Universitas Hasanuddin, 2012)
M.Si. (Universitas Hasanuddin, 2018)

Room 2021
Faculty of Pharmacy Building
Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan km. 10, Makassar,
South Sulawesi Province


  1. Mucoadhesive Microemulsion as a Nose-To-Brain (NTB) Transmucosal Drug
    IJPRS (ISSN No: 2277 – 7873)
    Vol. 5/No. 2/ 2016
  2. GC-MS Analysis and Antimicrobial Activity Determination of Citrus medica L var Proper Leaf Essential Oil from South Sulawesi Against Skin Pathogen Microorganism (Conference Proceeding)
    IOP Conf. Series: Material Science and Engineering (ISSN No. : 1757-8981)
    Vol. 259 (2017)
  3. Annealing Effect on Structural and Electronic Properties of Iron-Doped Zinc Oxide Nanomaterials for Theranostic Application
    IOP Conf. Series (article in press)