The 2nd Training of Preceptor, 5 Lecturers of Faculty of Pharmacy Participated

After performing the first training of preceptor for lecturers, Center of Study and Educational Development (LKPP) Hasanuddin University which has been being led by Prof. Dr. Elly Wahyudin, DEA., Apt., conduct the same training for the second generation. This event was conducted for two days from 12 to 13 of November 2016.

This training was taken place at ballroom of LKPP and opened by Prof. Dr. Elly Wahyudin, DEA., Apt. Total participants were about 50 lecturers coming from all faculties in Hasanuddin University. Faculty of Pharmacy, through decree of Dean, Prof. Dr. Gemini Alam, M.Si., Apt., instructed 5 lecturers of the faculty to participate in this event.

To give presentation, there were 5 speakers invited by LKPP i.e. Dr. Nasaruddin Salam, MT.(Secretary of Unhas), Prof. Dr. Junaedi Muhidong, M.Sc. (Vice Rector for Academic Affairs), Ir. Endrotomo (from Surabaya Technology Institute), dr. Rinvil Renaldi, Sp.KJ. and Elvita Belliani, M.Psi (Chief of Counselling Center of Unhas). In this training, the speakers not only gave materials which were relevant to the topic of how to be a good preceptor, but also provided another strategy by doing role play joined by all participants. This strategy aimed to train each participant to handle and simulate problems brought by students. Lecturers having role as preceptor must have ability to mentor and coach students in their faculties.

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