WYIE 2019 Event, Students of Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas Accomplish Great Achievements

The World Young Inventors Exhibition (WYIE) 2019 event was held as part of the the 30th International Invention, Innovation, and Technology Exhibition (ITEX). This exhibition took place at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, Malaysia, on 2 – 4 May 2019.

WYIE 2019 became the venue for the achievements of two teams from the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Hasanuddin (FF Unhas). Ten FF Unhas in that two teams accomplished great personal and institutional achievements achieved for the innovative invention that they displayed in this event. The participation of the two teams was accompanied directly by FF Unhas Vice Dean for Student and Alumni Affairs, Dr. Sartini, M.Sc., Apt.

From left to right. Miftahul Jannah, Reski Amalia Kamri, Hanylia Hamzi, Andi Ameilia Sari Riandika, and Febiola Putri Zakinah.

The first team consisted of 5 students led by Hanylia Hamzi. The four members were Andi Ameilia Sari Riandika, Miftahul Jannah, Febiola Putri Zakinah, and Reski Amalia Kamri. The innovation they raised was “Exman: Development of Basil Leaves Extract As Microencapsulated Cream For Antiaging.”

This innovation led to a microencapsulation cream formulation containing basil leaf extract. This microencapsulation cream was named Exman and expected to be an alternative preparation for anti-aging therapy. For this innovation, the team won the Gold Medal for Biotechnology – Health.

From left to right. Fadhil Adam Dzaky, Tri Dewi Astuti, Afdhaliyah Annisa, Nurul Fitri Syahrir, dan Firdaus Fahkar.

The second team was chaired by Tri Dewi Astuti and consisted of Fadhil Adam Dzaky, Firdaus Fahkar, Afdhaliyah Annisa, and Nurul Fitri Syahrir. This team raised innovation with the title “Next in Tropica: Development of Pineapple Peel Extract As Effervescent Product For Gout”. For their innovation, the team was awarded two awards, namely the Gold Medal for Biotechnology – Health and a direct award from the Malaysian government for the category of Best Inventors.

The Next in Tropica innovation is an innovation developed to formulate effervescent tablet preparations. This tablet contains pineapple peel extract and is intended for gout therapy.

One of the team members, Fadhil Adam Dzaky, expressed his happiness at the achievements at this international level. “Certainly very happy (with this achievement, red). Moreover, it can bring friends in arms to feel the international event and win gold,” he said. This 2016 FF Unhas student previously stated that this event was attended by hundreds of participants and dozens of countries in the world. “The number of participating teams is 300 teams from 20 countries,” he explained.

The WYIE event is an annual event that aims to encourage young people to explore their creativity and critical thinking skills through innovative inventions.

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