Weekend, Faculty of Pharmacy Plans to Have Three of Community Service Programs

Three community service programs (PKM) will be performed by Faculty of Pharmacy Hasanuddin University (FF UH) this weekend. Those programs will be conducted by Biopharmacy and Pharmacology – Toxicology Laboratory, Pharmaceutics Laboratory and Pharmacognosy – Phytochemistry Laboratory.

Public Senior High School (SMAN) I Masamba is going to be the venue for doing community service program planned by laboratory of Biopharmacy and Pharmacology – Toxicology. The topic of that will be brought is counselling of DAGUSIBU (hot to get, use, store and remove drugs in right way) and narcotics – psychotropic abuse. This program will be taken place on October 8 – 9, 2016.

Pharmaceutics laboratory plans to do community service program in North Polombangkeng District, Takalar Regency on October 7, 2016. The topic planned to be brought in this event is The Introduction of Appropriate Wound-Dressing Type and Traditional Approach to Cure Skin Infection Caused by Diabetes Mellitus (Gangrene) in North Polombangkeng People.

Lastly, laboratory of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry will focus the program in Tabbinjai Village, Tombolo Pao District, Gowa Regency. Theme of this event will be Counselling and Training in Making Clove Waste as Natural Essential Oil Sources to Produce Antiseptic Soap for Scale of Clove Farmer House.

The programs are efforts to transform results of research that have been found and developed at universities to become useful to public. Those programs are part of Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi (Three Pillars of Higher Education) which are academic, research and community service.

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