Student Activity

The curricula applied and developed at Faculty of Pharmacy Hasanuddin University is designed to put student’s soft skills and hard skills development proportionally. In line with that, Faculty of Pharmacy gives chances and facilities to support development of student’s talent, interest, and soft skills.

Student’s talent and interest in the field of organization, advocation of pharmaceutical issues, critical thinking, and acting innovatively as well as creatively can be channeled via Student Executive Board. This board is the main institution at the level of students. Each faculty possesses one Student Executive Board.

The talent and interest of students in sports are facilitated by existence of student activity unit namely Pharmacy Sport Club. This unit is responsible to develop sports talent (e.g. football, futsal, volleyball, swimming, and badminton) of the students.

Pharmacy Rescue Committee is another student activity unit which is responsible to evolve student’s talent in disaster management, mitigation, and community service. The members of this unit have been involved in many occasions such as Lombok and Palu earthquakes which were occurred in 2018.

Another student activity unit is Pharmacy Art Community. This unit focuses on developing student’s talent, especially in area of art. Many competitions have been participated by the members of the unit and generated proud achievements.

To foster student’s talent in journalistic field, Lege Artis is exist. A lot of events have been performed to develop journalistic talent of the students such as the routine releases of Lege Artis magazines, visitation to other press industries, and trainings of journalistic writing.

Critis (Consociatio Auri Cogitantis) is another student activity unit facilitating students to expand their ideas to solve problems found in community. The ideas will be followed up by transforming the ideas into appropriate research. The members of this unit always participate to various events and competition either in local, national, or international level.

Pharmacy’s House of Debate and English Community is a students community focusing on expanding student’s talent in debating, especially debate in English. This community also becomes place to sharpen English proficiency of the students.

Another student community is Salsabil which is a community founded to enrich spirituality of the students. This community have conducted many events to strengthen the good conducts.