Thanks God, Sah! Congratulations, Mr. Muhammad Raihan!

At the age of 26, Muhammad Raihan ends his single status. He is a lecturer at Faculty of Pharmacy and has been teaching since 2015. Mr. Raihan, so usually student greeted him, married his love who was his junior, Andi Adriyani Tenriola Akbar. Mr. Raihan was enrolled as student at Faculty of Pharmacy in 2008, while his wife entered the faculty in 2010.

Ijab qabul procession was taken place on November 12 2016 smoothly at the bride’s residence at Jl Daeng Tata, BTN Hartaco Indah Block 2F No. 6, Makassar. Once this procession was over, attendees shouted in unison, “Thank God, Sah!” Thus, the new family officially been formed between Muhammad Raihan, S.Si., Apt. and Andi Adriyani Tenriola Akbar, S.Si., Apt.

Raihan, as a lecturer who in January 2017 will continue his graduate studies in Australia at the expense of the Australian Development Scholarship (ADS), could not hide his happy face. The wedding ceremony will be held on Monday, November 14, 2016 at Haji Bate Building, Jl. Tumanurung 3, Sungguminasa, Gowa.

Congratulations, Mr. Muhammad Raihan!

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