Assessor of LAM-PTKes Visited Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences Study Program

Indonesian Accreditation Agency for Higher Education in Health (LAM-PTKes) made visitation to master of pharmaceutical science study program. LAM-PTKes delegated two assessors i.e. Prof. Dr. Ibnu Gholib Gandjar, Apt. from Gadjah Mada University and Prof. Dr. Purwanto, Apt. from Airlangga University. This visitation was conducted to make trial re-accreditation to master of pharmaceutical science study program.

The visitation took place for two days, November 8-9, 2016. The result of this visitation will become initial description as well as evaluation towards preparation of re-accreditation which has been being prepared by the program. All advices from both assessors must be followed-up before the real accreditation is begun.

Opening ceremony for this visitation was conducted by Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, Prof. Dr. Gemini Alam, M.Si., Apt. After opening, this event was continued by presentation of IIIA book which is book for descripting Master of Pharmaceutical Science study program. This presentation was performed by Vice Dean I, Subehan, Ph.D., Apt. After presentation, the assessors gave their assessment for this book. There were a lot of advices and recommendations raised from assessors.

This event was continued by presentation of III B book which is book explaining management unit of the study program. For this time, Drs. Syaharuddin Kasim, M.Si., Apt. was the presenter. He is the chair of quality assurance office in Faculty of Pharmacy. After presenting, as usual, assessors gave their recommendations.

The next activity was making interview with employers who have been employing Faculty of Pharmacy alumni. The interview was also conduted to lecturers, administrative staffs and students. Assessors  asked questions to dig information from all interviewees.

The last agenda on the first day of visitation was field trip. In this trip, assessors visited Biofarmaka Laboratory. This trip was purposed to see the availability of facilities and infrastructures.

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