BEM Kemafar Unhas Held 2019 Desa Binaan Program

Located in Bontomanurung Village, Tompobulu Subdistrict, Maros Regency, the Student Executive Board of Pharmacy Students of Hasanuddin University (BEM Kemafar Unhas) held 2019 Desa Binaan activities. As part of the orientation process, the organizers of this activity were all 2018 FF Unhas students. This Desa Binaan activity is a routine activity of BEM Kemafar Unhas. In addition to social aims, this activity is also intended to hone the ability of new students in managing an event.

Broadly speaking, there are 3 main activities carried out during the 2019 Desa Binaan program, namely health check-up, educational seminars, and scholarships, as well as beekeeping workshops. Health check-up activities involve health workers who have been certified. The educational seminars and scholarships aim to build motivation for students in secondary schools to continue their education to a higher level. The last event was a beekeeping workshop hosted by Dr. Budiaman who is a bee expert who is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Forestry Unhas.

This activity was opened by Nur Indayanti, M.Si., who is a lecturer at FF Unhas. In her opening, she hoped that this activity could take place well and smoothly and bring benefits. “We hope that this activity can bring benefits to all parties,” he said.

The village government of Bontomanurung, represented by the head of the Village Consultative Body (BPD), Abdul Hamid, stated the same thing. Abdul Hamid specifically expressed his hopes regarding the Education and Scholarship Seminar activities held in the 2019 target village program. “We hope that the information about the scholarship that will be submitted will increase the awareness of students here to continue their studies,” he said.

This program lasts for 3 days which starts on Friday, August 2, 2019, and ends on Sunday, August 4, 2019. Around 150 committee members of the 2018 students have worked hard for the success of this event. In addition, senior students and alumni were also actively involved in this activity.

Greetings from Desa Binaan 2019.

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