The amount and type of fees in the program are categorized into 7 types. This categorization is made based on Decree of Minister on Research, Technology, and Higher Education of Republic of Indonesia Number 39/2017, which regulates that the tuition fee per semester for state university must consider financial support of the students and their family. The fees must be paid per semester. The criteria of students who are eligible for each type of tuition fee is regulated in the aforementioned ministerial decree.

Types of Tuition Fee Amount (Rupiah – IDR)
Type I 0 – 500,000
Type II 750,000
Type III 2.000,000
Type IV 2.400,000
Type V 4.500,000
Type VI 7,000,000
Type VII 10,000,000

Decree of Hasanuddin University Rector Number 37451/UN.4.1/KU.21/2017 regulates the official documents that should be prepared during registration process to determine student eligibility for each type of tuition fee. The documents should be able to support and portray parents’ or guardians’ financial capacity such as electricity bills and letter of monthly income. Those documents will then be evaluated by the committees.

The students and the parents/guardians will also be interviewed by the committees to match the information provided on the documents with the factual and actual situation of the student. Finally, according to the submitted documents and interview session, the committees will decide the type of fees for each student.