Breaking News! Results of Pharmacist Profession New Student Acceptance Selection Have Been Announced.

Makassar, December 17, 2019.

Based on the decision of the Chancellor number 4840 / UN.41 / Kep / 2019, the names of the New Student selection registrants in the Pharmacist Professional Study Program have been announced. For those of you who have participated in the Pharmacist Freshmen 2019 reception, the results of the selection can be accessed on the following page:

How: go to the website page above then enter your test number in the column listed at the top of the web page. Students who pass are expected to pay attention to the attached decree and other important matters.

For those of you who passed the selection, we congratulate you on joining the academic community of Hasanuddin University. For those who have not passed, do not be discouraged because registration will reopen in June 2020.


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