Learning Outcomes


  • Able to take full responsibility in identifying and resolving problems in professional practice of pharmacists in the fields of design, manufacture/preparation, distribution, management and/or service of pharmaceutical preparations to optimize the success of therapy by using an evidence-based approach
  • Able to conduct research, investigate, analyze critically and organize information about pharmaceutical dosage forms, communicate, educate and disseminate them effectively to ensure the appropriate use of pharmaceutical dosage forms for individuals, other health professions and the community.
  • Able to do pharmacist professional practice and have responsibility in accordance with statutory provisions, ethical codes and discipline of pharmacists


  • Able to implement pharmaceutical science, pharmaceutical methods and technologies, concepts of pharmacotherapy, pharmaceutical care, pharmacy practice, as well as the principles of pharmacoepidemiology, evidence-based medicine, pharmacovigilance and pharmacoeconomics, to maintain the quality of pharmaceutical dosage forms and to protect as well as to ensure patient safety.
  • Able to apply knowledge of pharmaceutical management, social pharmacy, law and ethical pharmacy, communication techniques, and work weaknesses comprehensively.


  • Able to make decisions in strategic matters in the field of pharmacy on the professional work independently, lead and manage group work, and is responsible for achieving the targets of group work.
  • Able to communicate and collaborate with other health personnel to solve problems related to pharmaceutical practice, develop and maintain a network of work with the professional community and clients
  • Able to evaluate critically the problems in pharmacist professional practice, provide counseling, compile information/ideas/thoughts and communicate it in various forms of media to other health professionals and/or the general public effectively.
  • Able to evaluate themselves and manage self-learning as an effort to improve the ability of pharmacists.