Program Learning Outcomes

Knowledge/ Understanding

  1. Integrate the basic concepts of natural and biomedical sciences as foundations of pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practice
  2. Distinguish types of pharmaceutical dosage forms and recognize their potential problems and solution in order to optimize their therapeutic effects
  3. Explain the concepts of drug therapeutic effects and contributing factors to provide information in community as part of pharmaceutical service
  4. Employ the theoretical and mathematical concepts of drugs, drug kinetics and mechanisms, and the relationship between drug physico-chemistry characteristics and their biological activities
  5. Choose appropriate procedures to perform, develop and/or validate methods of analysis of active compounds or crude drugs from synthetic or natural sources


  1. Apply logical/critical thinking to analyse, develop, implement and disseminate information from legitimate source to find a solution to a problem
  2. Construct scientific writing based on academic rules and ethics
  3. Choose a decision based on legal practice, professional conduct and ethics to solve problems related to their competence
  4. Develop interpersonal relation with teamwork and be adaptive to dynamic culture and environment


  1. Conduct well-designed research related to pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences
  2. Apply concepts of pharmaceutical sciences and technologies in designing, formulating and/or developing safe, effective, stable and high quality pharmaceutical products
  3. Explore potential therapy based on ethno-medicine and research data from Indonesia natural resources
  4. Develop inventive and innovative idea based on science and technology to create and develop business or job