Subehan, S.Si., M.Pharm.Sc., Ph.D, Apt.


  1. Leading the implementation of education, research, and community service activities.
  2. Arranging the Faculty Strategic Plan which contains the translation program of the Unhas Strategic Plan
  3. Leading the implementation of academic support activities in the faculty.
  4. Leading the implementation and service of academic and general administration in the faculty.
  5. Fostering and developing the competence of lecturers and education staffs
  6. Proposing the opening, changing, and closing of study programs, departments, and faculty
  7. Proposing the appointment and/or dismissal of the vice dean candidates, the chairperson of Faculty Internal Quality Assurance System, the chair and secretary of department, the head of study program, and the head of laboratory/studio/workshops and other elements to Rector of Hasanuddin University.
  8. Formulating, implementing, controlling, and developing academic quality standards in the faculty
  9. Fostering and developing student potencies
  10. Maintaining and fostering security, order and magnificence in the faculty
  11. Cooperating with government agencies, private institutions and communities both domestic and abroad with the approval of the rector
  12. Submitting reports on the implementation of “Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi” to the rector every year and at the end of the term of office
  13. Other duties assigned by the rector