Faculty of Pharmacy to Conduct MIPS III 2017

After doing the first and the second Makassar International on Pharmaceutical Symposium (MIPS) in the previous year, in 2017, the third MIPS will be held in September or October 2017. The committees still have more time to prepare all the things so that the event will be conducted well. This decision was taken after initial meeting of the committees on Wednesday, October 26, 2016, at 13.00 Wita in Meeting Room of Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas.

The meeting was led by Vice Dean for Academic and Research Affairs, Subehan, Ph.D., Apt. The elected chief of the committees was Firzan Nainu. who just come back from Kanazawa University for taking his doctoral degree. Vice chief was Anshar Saud who just finished his study in University of Indonesia.

In this meeting attending by lecturers of FF UH, it was discussed about technical aspect of the event. Several considerations were talked to increase participation of the audiences. One of the considerations is Annual Scientific Meeting of Indonesian Pharmacist Association (IAI) in 2017. In order to optimize the enrollment of the audiences, the schedule of MIPS III must consider this IAI agenda.

Given that the participation is very important in MIPS III, then the committees were asked to work quickly. Therefore, it needs initial socialization about the event through various media. Visit us on.

Website. farmasi.unhas.ac.id

Twitter. @farmasi_unhas

Facebook. Fakultas Farmasi Unhas

Email. farmasi@unhas.ac.id

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