Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas Sharing

The academic delegations from the Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas conducted a social activity in the form of community service at the Mardiyah Orphanage. This orphanage is located on Jl. Tinumbu, Lr. 142, No. 57, Makassar. This activity took place on Saturday, May 11, 2019. Present at this event were lecturers, staff, and FF Unhas students. The theme raised was “Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas Sharing in Togetherness in Ramadan 1440 H.”

The group leader was Prof. rer. nat. Marianti A. Manggau, Apt. Other lecturers who attended included Asnah Marzuki, Ermina Pakki, Usmar, Sumarheni, and others. In her opening remarks, Marianti expressed the purpose of this activity. “In addition to strengthening the relationship, this activity is also intended to introduce us to the world of pharmacy,” said the Head of the Unhas FF Biopharmaceutical Laboratory.

After the opening remarks, the first session began with counseling about medicine by Usmar, M.Sc., Apt. This is important considering the majority of participants in this activity are still in the teens and children age range. Usmar stressed being careful when getting drugs from unknown parties. “Don’t accept drugs from just anyone,” he ordered.

The next session was then delivered by Sumarheni, M.Sc., Apt. and Dra. Ermina Pakki, M.Sc., Apt. Both of these lecturers each presented topic related to health aspects while fasting and about cosmetics. The participants were enthusiastic to take part in the presentation made by the two lecturers.

The event, which starts at 1:00 p.m., ends at 3:00 p.m. The closing of this activity ended with the submission of assistance from FF Unhas to the Mardiyah Orphanage which was then closed with a group photo.

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