WCU Research Grant, Faculty of Pharmacy Has 2 Selected Research Topics

According to Decree of President of Hasanuddin University, there were 14 topics of research passing the selection process to get research grant under fund scheme of Operational Assistance of Public Higher Education (BOPTN) World Class University (WCU). Those researches are categorized into 2 categories i.e. BOPTN WCU for Foreign Cooperation and BOPTN WCU for International Publication Acceleration.

From those topics, 2 of them are from Faculty of Pharmacy. Both of them were selected and put in the second category. Based on Decree of President of Hasanuddin University 34932/UN4.1/TU.21/2016 dated July 21, 2016, those 2 research topics are:

  1. Bioassay-Guided Isolation of the Active Compound from Marine Natural Product on Cancer Cell Lines. This research was proposed by Subehan, Ph.d., Apt. Total grant Rp.120.000.000.
  2. Synthesis of Isolated Marine Bioactive CompoundsTargeting Cancer-Related Signaling Pathway. This research was proposed by  Yusnita Rifai, M.Pharm.Sc., Ph.D., Apt. Total grant Rp. 110.000.000.

In Guidance Book of WCU Research Foreign Cooperation of Unhas 2016, it is stated that the aim of this grant program is to increase quality of researches and number of scientific publication in international accredited journal. It is also expected that this scheme of grant can be a motivation for Indonesian researchers to raise their citation index. Prof. Dr. Ir. Laode Asrul, MP., as Head of Center of Research and Community Services of Unhas, said that this grant is expected to accelerate the achievement of Unhas vision that is World Class University (WCU).

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