Faculty of Pharmacy Awarded the First Rank of International Medalist in UNHAS

Makassar. The Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas recently received an award as the top international medalist. As one of the best campus pioneers at Hasanuddin University, it is no wonder that the Faculty of Pharmacy, which was founded in 2006, continues to grow, making progress in carrying out research that is now reaching the international channel.

Since 2015 until now pharmacy faculty students always put their names in international medalists. Indeed, the faculty of pharmacy has budgeted for students who want to take part in international competitions, the budgeting made by this faculty is followed by the enthusiasm of many students in participating in research activities, both domestically and abroad. During the last two years, the Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas has managed to score 65 medals both internationally and nationally.

Vice-dean for student affairs, alumni and partnerships Dr. Sartini, M.Sc., Apt stated that the success achieved by the students in the international arena proved the amount of potential possessed by students of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Hasanuddin University. She also highly appreciated the achievement that brought the name of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Hasanuddin University.

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