Pharmacology – Toxicology

Head of Laboratory

Firzan Nainu, Ph.D., Apt.

The laboratory focuses on developing drug testing methods and the effects produced by certain drug compounds in vitro and in vivo. The tested compounds may be in the form of extracts, isolates, and fractions. The results of this test will produce supporting data on the efficacy and safety levels of the tested compounds. The laboratory also helps students to develop experimental animal models, such as insects, mice, rats, marmots, and rabbits.


  1. Sukamto S. Mamada, M.Sc., Apt.
  2. Habibie, M.Pharm.Sc., Apt
  3. Muh. Akbar Bahar, M.Pharm.Sc., Apt
  4. Muh. Nur Amir, M.Si., Apt