Head of Laboratory

Dr. Aliyah, M.Si., Apt

The laboratory teaches students on how to prepare and formulate, evaluate drugs in a suitable dosage form based on standard principles and regulations. Apart from that, the laboratory also studies drug properties to improve drug bioavailability and efficacy.


  1. Dr. Latifah Rahman, DESS., Apt
  2. Dra. Aisyah Fatmawati, M.Si., Apt.
  3. Dra. Ermina Pakki, M.Si., Apt.
  4. Drs. Abd. Muzakkir Rewa, M.Si., Apt
  5. Andi Arjuna, M.Na.Sc.T., Apt
  6. Nurhasni Hasan, M.Sc., Apt
  7. Achmad Himawan, S.Si., Apt