Head of Laboratory

Dr. Aliyah, M.Si., Apt

One of the great competencies of a pharmacist is his or her ability to dispense and formulate drug. Thi ability is not an easy skill. To produce high quality of drugs, then it is very important to assure that the formulation is conducted in a good way based on standards that have been regulated. This laboratory focuses its study in this aspect. Besides that, the laboratory is also involved in studying drug accuracy and rate so that the drug can reach its target, such as receptor.

We are waiting for you in this laboratory!


  1. Dr. Aliyah, M.S., Apt
  2. Dr. Latifah Rahman, DESS., Apt
  3. Drs. Abd. Muzakkir Rewa, M.Si., Apt
  4. Andi Arjuna, M.Na.Sc.T., Apt
  5. Nurhasni Hasan, M.Sc., Apt
  6. Ahmad Himawan, S.Si., Apt