Head of Study Program

Dr. Latifah Rahman, DESS., Apt.


  1. Arranging, developing, and updating the curricula and learning materials
  2. Organizing learning and teaching processes
  3. Arranging the course management team with the approval of the Department Chair
  4. Fostering student activities that are under his/her authority
  5. Fostering and encouraging students to engage in scientific activities, and/or sports, and art
  6. Compiling and updating the results of self-evaluation and accreditation
  7. Reporting the results of learning evaluation to the Dean
  8. Carrying out quality assurance of academic processes
  9. Encouraging the academic atmosphere, so that it can improve performance and achievement of students and lecturers
  10. Coordinating the filling of student Study Plan Cards and Academic Advisors online
  11. Giving consultation services to students
  12. Carrying out tracer study to identify relevance between the graduates and the curricula
  13. Establishing competency standards and the number of students accepted each year with the Chair of the Department
  14. Coordinating activities of research and community service