Clinical Pharmacy

Head of Laboratory

Yulia Yusrini Djabir, MBM.Sc., M.Si., Ph.D., Apt

To understand our body condition, then one way that can be performed is to measure levels of chemical compounds within our body. The compounds, such as enzymes, hormones, electrolytes, play pivotal roles in our body systems. To conduct those roles, then the levels of the compounds must be prevented so that the levels are still in normal range. Either low or high level of the compounds will generate any problems in our body.

Clinical Pharmacy Laboratory focuses its research in studying relationship between chemical compounds in our body and the conditions occurred. The understanding of this relationship will direct to further research to prevent the fluctuation of the compounds. Supported by its equipment, the laboratory will give you many experiences and skills. Join us!


  1. Yulia Yusrini Djabir, MBM.Sc., M.Si., Ph.D., Apt
  2. Dr. Risfah Yulianty, M.Si., Apt
  3. Anshar Saud, M.Farm., Apt
  4. Aminullah, M.Pharm.Sc., Apt
  5. Sumarheni, M.Sc., Apt