Biopharmacy Laboratory Visits Watampone for Community Service Program

Six lecturers and some assistants of Laboratory of Biopharmacy and Pharmacology – Toxicology Faculty of Pharmacy Hasanuddin University conducted community service activity (PKM) at Health Vocational High School (SMK) YAPI Watampone. This activity was done to inform several findings found at the laboratories at Faculty of Pharmacy and to share information to the students and teachers at the school. The team was led by Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Marianti A. Manggau, Apt who is also head of Biopharmacy Laboratory. Team was welcomed by headmaster of the school, Yadi Ruhiyat, S.E., M.Si.

During the activity, there were materials presented to the audiences such as the introduction of DAGUSIBU program (the right way to get, use, store and remove medicines) which is a national program inaugurated by Indonesian Pharmacist Association (IAI). For this presentation, Usmar, S.Si., M.Si., Apt., was asked to be the presenter.

The next presentation was brought by Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Marianti A. Manggau, Apt. She brought topic about treatment of acne. This topic made most of the audiences paid more attention since most of them are still teenager which is vulnerable age to suffer from acne.

The event was ended at 12.00. To close the event, exchanging souvenir and group photo session were the final activities.

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