LPPM Unhas Set Requirements for Conducting Research and Community Service

The Chairperson of the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) of Hasanuddin University issued a letter number 3319/UN4.21/PL.00.00/2019 regarding Submission for Requirements of Independent Research and Community Service. This letter explains the conditions that must be met by lecturers who will carry out research or community service independently. The requirements referred to are as follows.


  1. Submitting the proposals for research and community service activities to LPPM Unhas by attaching a ‘Budget Plan’
  2. Including reports on research and community service activities by attaching:
  • The original assignment letter from the Dean/Vice Dean of Academic Affair
  • Submission letter from the Dean to the Chair of LPPM Unhas that the report is true research/service to the original independent community.
  • Attachment of proof of original attendance/absence list of research/community service seminars to the community.

In addition to the document requirements, research reports or community service must have a “Legalization Page” that contains information about the title of the research, the lead researcher/community service, research/ community service date and time, research/community service costs, and fees from other institutions/partners. This legalization page is to be signed by the team leader, the Dean / Vice Dean of Academic Affair, and the Chairman of LPPM Unhas.


For more details, please visit the website of LPPM Unhas.

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