Faculty Internal Quality Assurance System (FIQAS)

Head of FIQAS     

Dr. Risfah Yulianty, M.Si., Apt.

Secretary of FIQAS

Dr. Herlina Rante, M.Si., Apt.


To create the culture of quality in all institution activities, particularly in three important aspects, i.e. teaching, research, and community service, to ensure continuous improvement of quality standard in implementation of those aspects in an internationally respected standard, and to improve the satisfaction level of higher education institutions stakeholder groups


  1. To outline academic quality policy in faculty and study programme in line with the institutional academic quality policy to achieve academic performance targets
  2. To outline and develop academic quality standard in line with university quality standard
  3. To implement academic and management quality standards in line with the university quality standard
  4. To outline academic quality manuals that are in line with the University quality manual
  5. To develop a monitoring system and evaluation of academic quality and performance based on the information system
  6. To implement monitoring and evaluation of academic quality assurance activities
  7. To analyse and report the result of monitoring and evaluation activities and provide recommendations in writing to the Dean of Faculty
  8. To analyse the action plan as the follow-up process
  9. To provide recommendations to achieve the target of Faculty and study programme
  10. To conduct other tasks instructed by the Dean of Faculty.