Road Map

Independency in Raw Materials and Exipients, Natural Medicines, Cosmetics, and Nutraceutics to Treat Infection, Regenerative and Degenerative Diseases.

  1. Utilization of raw materials, excipients, natural medicines, cosmetics, and nutraceutics.
  2. Techniques in chemical synthesis and structural modification of bioactive compounds.
  3. Discovery and development of raw materials through computational chemistry.
  4. Utilization of seaweed, cacao, and other natural resources as bioactive compounds and excipient.
  5. Standardization and formulation of dosage form to support jamu scientification.
  6. Evaluation of efficacy, mechanism of action, and safety of medicine raw materials.
  7. Utilization of medicine raw materials as preventive, curative, and rehabilitative efforts in infection, regenerative, and degenerative diseases.
  8. Utilization of medicine raw materials as immunostimulant and antioxidant
  9. Development of neutraceutical formulation.


  1. Ethnobotany and ethnopharmacology
  2. Pharmacogenomics for infection, regenerative, and degenerative diseases
  3. Discovery of biochemistry – based new pathway
  4. Biotechnology of plant cultures to produce medicine raw materials and natural medicine
  5. Isolation and elucidation of chemical structure of natural bioactive
  6. Production of biomarkers of herbal medicine
  7. Isolation of symbiont microbes/endophytic fungi, marine biota, and plant as bioactive compound resources.
  8. Development of cultivation and post-harvesting technology of herbal medicine to produce standardized simplicia.
  9. Assessment of ethnobotany, ethnopharmacology, and metabolomic of natural medicine in Sulawesi.

Social Pharmacy and Education

  1. Assessment of social pharmacy, economy, and community
  2. Development of kit analysis and reagent for detecting abuse of pharmaceutical supplies.