Pharmacist Study Program at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Hasanuddin Held UKAI OSCE

Makassar 18-19 January 2019. Located on the Lt. 5 Laboratory buildings of the Hasanuddin University Faculty of Pharmacy, the Indonesian Pharmacist Competency Test has taken place with the National OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) method. The examination took place for two days on Saturday and Sunday 18-19 January 2020. This OSCE was participated by 78 Prospective Pharmacists who were divided into 4 sessions (2 sessions per day).

Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) is one part of the assessment system that must be followed by students of the pharmacist profession program who will graduate. The purpose of this UKAI OSCE is to assess student competencies and skills objectively and structurally based on the competencies of pharmacists that have been determined in the legislation. The competency areas tested in the OSCE include: Pharmacist Knowledge, Skills, and Professional Behavior in accordance with graduates’ expected competencies in the world of work. In this exam, the Pharmacist Professional Study Program of UNHAS invited Senior Pharmacist examiners from various backgrounds ranging from academics, hospital practitioners, pharmacies as well as drug distribution and industries in the Makassar city area.

Unlike the UKAI CBT method which will be held next week, this time UKAI OSCE is a formative competency test. According to the Head of Pharmacist UNHAS, Ms. Dra. Ermina Pakki, M.Sc., Apt., Most likely the UKAI OSCE system will be a summative test in 2020 so that the challenges of students will be even greater in the future. Therefore, the Faculty of Pharmacy UNHAS will try to increase the capacity and quality of education at the level of Pharmacist Professional Study Program this year.

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