Re-Accreditation of Master of Pharmacy Study Program

To maintain A accredited status of Master Study Program that has previously been achieved, today, Friday, December 16, 2016, the program conducted re-accreditation process. The assessors were I Ketut Adnyana, Ph.D. who is a lecturer from Bandung Institute of Technology and Mahardian Rahmadi, Ph.D. who is from Airlangga University have been appointed by Indonesian Accreditation Agency for Higher Education in Health (LAM-PTKes). This visitation is planned to take place for two days, today and tomorrow.

Today, the opening event of re-accreditation visitation was begun at 08.30 Wita in Meeting Room of Faculty of Pharmacy Hasanuddin University (FF UH). Prof. Dr. Gemini Alam, M.Si., Apt. as Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy acted to open this visitation. After opening session, both assessors directly went to Biofarmaka Laboratory to see preparation and availability of facilities and infrastructures. The observation ended at 10.00 Wita.

After the laboratory observation, the visitation was continued by presentation of IIIA and IIIB books. IIIA book consists of 7 standards related to master study program, while IIIB book has also 7 standards for describing FF UH as managerial unit of master study program. Both books were presented by Vice Dean I for Academic and Research Affairs of FF UH, Subehan, Ph.D., Apt.

After presentation, the event was continued to discussion session. The assessors asked several questions of gave advices toward the findings found. The questions or advices were directly confirmed by the study program. One of the questions asked was curriculum structure in the three concentrations i.e. Herbal Medicine, Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. This question was asked by Mahardian Rahmadi, Ph.D. as the assessor. In addition to that, I Ketut Adnyana, another assessor, asked about the role and function of lecture working group. All the questions were answered by the accreditation team in a good way.

At 12.00 Wita, the event was stopped temporary to do rest and Jum’ah prayer. Until this news was released, the visitation process i still taking place. The remaining agenda are interviews with stakeholders such as students, alumni and users of alumni. The first day of two-day visitation is planned to end at 16.00 Wita and will be continued tomorrow to hear the overal results obtained by the assessors in this visitation.

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