Resep 2014 of New Students of Faculty of Pharmacy, Hasanuddin University

At Hutan Pendidikan Bengo-Bengo, 135 new students of Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas experienced Resep procession (Reformulasi Etika, Sikap dan Pola Pikir). This event is one of the levels in cadre formation that must be followed by all bachelor degree’s new students of Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas according to AD/ART of Student Executive Board (BEM). The event was opened by vice dean for student affairs of Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas and was taken place for 3 days (January 16 – 18 2015).

“This program is not the final stage, but this is just the beginning from all processes in forming of cadres in BEM of Faculty of Pharmacy,”

says Reza Setiawan as Vice President of BEM Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas.

Furthermore, he warned the new students to take benefits from the event which was also joined by a lot of current students.

In Resep 2014, the committees designed some kind of activities which were purposed to sharpen leadership and creativity skills of new students. Outbond activity was also designed in this event making Resep 2014 became an interesting event.

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