RX Silpakorn University Summer Course, Six Students of Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas Get Valuable Experience

Six students of Faculty of Pharmacy Hasanuddin University were specially invited by Silpakorn University, Thailand, to participate in RX Silpakorn University Summer Course activities. This activity took place from May 26, 2019 – June 4, 2019. The students were Patricia Layadi (class of 2017), Kesya M. Toding (class of 2016), Sri Harpen Handayani (class of 2016), Tiyanda Hanti A. Kusuma (class of 2016) , Ruqayya (class of 2016) and Regina Rosalina Hidayat (class of 2016).

To support the participation of the students and other participants of this summer course, Silpakorn University provided scholarships that cover registration, meals, and accommodation costs during participants were in Thailand. This activity aimed to enrich and broaden the experience of the participants both in the field of pharmacy work in Thailand while learning the cultures possessed by Thailand.

Six students of Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas who joined the RX Silpakorn University Summer Course. From left to right. Kesya Melithirza Toding, Ruqayyah, Tiyanda Hanti A. Kusuma, Sri Harpen Handayani, Patricia Layadi, and Regina Rosalina Hidayat. (photo. Tiyanda Hanti).

During the activity, the participants followed several agendas. After arriving at Silpakorn University, the participants were welcomed directly by the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Silpakorn University, Dr. Tanasait Ngawhirunpat. On this first day, after the opening ceremony, the next agenda was the Introduction of Summer Course and RxSU by Dr. Nattiya Kapol. After that, the participants were invited to conduct a campus tour by visiting the library facilities and university computer center.

On May 28, 2019, the participants received material about Introduction of Health System in Thailand presented by Dr. Sineenart Kritchanchai followed by visiting two hospitals namely Sam Khwai Phueak Health Promoting Hospital and Nakhon Pathom Hospital. This visit aimed to directly see the application of the health system in force in Thailand while at the same time witnessing the vital role of pharmacists in hospitals.

On the same day, after visiting the hospital, the participants were also invited to see the Silpakorn University Business Unit. The two business units visited were Silpakorn University Community Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Intelligence Unit.

The next day, participants were invited to learn about pharmaceutical technology, especially in the field of nano-based delivery systems. In addition, other materials provided related to pharmacy informatics, Thai traditional medicine, and hospital pharmacy.

One of the students, Patricia Layadi, was very pleased with the opportunity given. This 2017 class student told her experience when visiting hospitals that are partners of Silpakorn University to perform pharmaceutical education.

Another participant, Tiyanda Hanti A. Kusuma, also expressed her happiness for participating in this summer course. “The real travel is travel to the other universities in the world,” he said to reflect his feelings.


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