Goals and Achievement Strategies

Goals and Achievement Strategies for Pharmacist Professional Studies

To achieve the vision and mission of the pharmacist professional study program, the general objectives of the study program are formulated:

  1. The creation of alumni who are able to compete with pharmacists from other domestic and foreign institutions and can collaborate with these institutions.
    • Average GPA of graduates> 3.25
    • Duration of study 12 months
    • Percentage of graduates with a cum laude GPA> 3.5 (40%)
    • Conduct a refresher course once a year
    • The number of collaborations with PKPA sites increases by 1 per year
    • Comparative study to other universities 2 times per year
  2. The integration of the pharmacist profession and other health professions in the implementation of professional education at Hasanuddin University Teaching Hospital.

Target achievement strategy:

  1. Increasing the competence of teaching staff either through further study or trainings;
  2. Benchmarking to universities that carry out professional education;
  3. Reviewing the curriculum, developing learning methods, improving student communication and advising professional work practices;
  4. Increase cooperation with hospitals, industries and pharmacies as places for pharmacist professional students to practice;
  5. Program a pharmacist refresher course;
  6. Providing communication techniques and skills for the students before practicing at the hospital;
  7. Hasanuddin University policy which includes the Faculty of Pharmacy in the medical complex.