Studying New Compounds from Paliasa Plants, Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas Lecturer Gained Doctorate Degree from Kanazawa University

Abdul Rahim, one of the lecturers at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Hasanuddin University, succeeded in getting a Ph.D (Doctor of Philosophy) from Kanazawa University with a brilliant performance. This degree was achieved after defending his dissertation on Monday, July 22, 2019, on his defense examination.

His dissertation is related to the discovery of new compounds from the plants Kleinhovia hospita and Melochia umbellata. Although there are differences, these two plants are widely known by the name “paliasa” by the people of South Sulawesi.

Specifically Kleinhovia hospita, Abdul Rahim identified 11 compounds. Seven of them are new compounds from the cycloartane triterpenoid class. Almost all of these new compounds show moderate activity in antiproliferative tests using 5 cell lines including multi drug resistant cell lines (KB-VIN). Abdul Rahim also explained that two new compounds from Kleinhovia hospita showed strong antiviral activity.

For the Melochia umbellata plant, the father of three children isolated 24 compounds. All of these compounds have never been reported to have been isolated from Melochia umbellata. Of the total compounds, seven compounds are claimed to be “the first skeleton as secondary metabolite”.

Paliasa is a plant that is widely known by the people of South Sulawesi. Related to this, Abdul Rahim stated that plants originating from the Sulawesi area have their own uniqueness that makes them different when compared to plants originating from other regions. “Many (plants, ed.) are endemic and unique because of their location in the transitional region between Asia and Australia, Sunda and Sahul flora so that from plants that grow in Sulawesi, it is very possible to obtain new unique compounds or compounds with different bioactivity, “he explained.

During approximately 3 years of his doctoral education, Abdul Rahim was guided directly by Nakagawa-Goto Kyoko. Goto Sensei has expertise in the field of Drug Development Chemistry.

At Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas, Abdul Rahim joined the Phytochemical Laboratory since 2008. This achievement will further strengthen the composition of personnel in the Phytochemical Laboratory in particular and Hasanuddin University in general. For this result, congratulations flowed from Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas academics.

Congratulations, sir …

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