National Alumni Gathering of Hasanuddin University 2016

Flyer Temu Alumni Nasional Unhas 2016
Flyer of National Alumni Gathering of Hasanuddin University 2016.

Hasanuddin University will organize a big event entitled National Alumni Gathering (TAN) Hasanuddin University (Unhas) 2016. As its title, this event will become gathering moment for all Unhas alumni from the first generation until the latest generation. Predicted, thousands of alumni will attend and enliven the event.

This gathering will also become moment of hospitality among Unhas alumni from various generations. To accomodate the high interest of alumni, then TAN will be performed with various programmes such as alumni meeting, alumni show, charity event, reunion andfamily gathering. All programmes will be held on September 9 – 11, 2016.

Therefore, committees of the event expect active participation from alumni by making online registration via The fee for taking part in this event can be seen on

To all alumni of Unhas, please share this information and be part in the event of TAN Unhas 2016. For further information, please visits website page on

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