Thank you Prof. Gemini Alam for your dedication to the Faculty of Pharmacy UNHAS

Makassar. It is now the plenary and completed task of the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Hasanuddin University, Mr. Prof. Dr. Gemini Alam, M.Sc., Apt. After the handover of the position by the Rector of UNHAS, Prof. Dr. Dwia Aries Tina Pulubuhu, M.A, located in the Rectorate Building of Hasanuddin University, the position of the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas is now occupied by Mr. Subehan, S.Sc., M.Pharm.Sc., Ph.D, Apt. The event was attended by the UNHAS Academic Community and Hasanuddin University Faculty of Pharmacy students.

What Prof. Gemini Alam has given will be a trail that will continue to be maintained, even though it has become a Dean but the spirit of leadership is still there, many things can be learned from his leadership. Congratulations and bouquets also came from various parties including lecturers, staff, students, the professional community and the academic community who also thanked him for his achievements in leading the Faculty of Pharmacy, Hasanuddin University, 2014-2019 period.

One of the achievements of the Faculty of Pharmacy in the era of Prof. Alam’s leadership as Dean was the establishment of the Faculty of Pharmacy to become the internationally accredited Faculty of ASIIN (Accreditation Agency for Degree Programs in Engineering, Informatics/Computer Science, the Natural Sciences and Mathematics).

Thank you for your devotion, may blessings be given to this dedication.

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