Community Service Team of Pharmaceutics Laboratory Visits Polombangkeng Utara

Tim PKM berfoto bersama dengan warga usai kegiatan (7/10)
Team of PKM took photo along with participants after the event (7/10)

Community service activity (PKM) was conducted again. For this moment, Pharmaceutics Laboratory of Faculty of Pharmacy was the committee to do the activity supported by Operational Assistance of for Higher Education (BOPTN). Approximately 25 members of the team joined the event. Leader of the team was Dra. Nursiah Hasyim, CES., Apt ini.

The theme of this PKM was “Introduction of Appropriate Wound Dressing Types and Traditional Approach to Cure Skin Infection caused by Diabetic Gangrene in North Polombangkeng, Takalar Regency”. The fund allocated from BOPTN was Rp.19.500.000.

In front of audiences, the team presented 3 materials related to wound care. The first presentation was about wound types. In this part of presentaton, people were asked to know the types of their wound, including wound caused by gangrene in diabetic patients.

The next presentation showed the appropriate wound dressing for different types of wound. This topic was also given to the audiences so that they can choose the right wound dressing. The right choice will accelerate recovery process of the wound. Otherwise, wrong wound dressing will delay the wound recovery.

At the last part of the event, team also presented traditional medicines for curing the wound. In this part, audiences were introduced to several herbal medicines usually used to diminish pain sensation caused by the wound and help the acceleration of wound recovery.

When the event was taking place, the enthusiasm of the audiences was so high. This could be seen from the crowded attendance of audiences. There were also many questions asked to get information about the topics of presentation.

This PKM took place in a day. Upon beginning the event at 10.00 Wita, the event was stopped temporary for resting and Jum’ah prayer and begun again after that.  The PKM was ended at 15.00 Wita. After Ashar prayer, all the team members went back to Makassar.

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