Pharmacy Rescue Committee (PRC-FFUH) Student Club Facilitated Routine Blood Donation in the Lobby of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Hasanuddin University

Makassar. Pharmacy Rescue Committee Committee Student Club at the Faculty of Pharmacy (UKM PRC-FFUH) held a blood donation activity as part of a series of humanitarian movements. This activity was carried out in the Lobby of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Hasanuddin University, Thursday, December 5, 2019, in collaboration with the UPTTD (Blood Transfusion Task Force in South Sulawesi Province).

Adhi Putra Bahar, Pharmacy Student Class of 2016, as the chairman of BPH (Daily Management Board) UKM PRC-FFUH said that this blood donor program is a routine program held by UKM PRC-FFUH once every 3 months, with this activity expected to provide benefits and help parties who also need bloodstock for PMI itself, he said “.

This blood donation activity received positive appreciation from the students of Pharmacy Unhas and also the academic community who participated in donating their blood. One of the students who donated his blood claimed to have donated his blood twice and everything was done at the Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas. Zulfadli, a class of 2017 students began to think about routine blood donation because of the many benefits that can be shared with each other. “Hopefully from this blood donation, we can help many people”, said Zulfadli aka Zul wishfully.

Meanwhile, the Staff of the South Sulawesi Province UPTTD also said that this activity could increase the blood supply of the South Sulawesi Province UPTTD. It can even help to meet the needs of blood in other areas.

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