Unhas Vice Rector IV: With Collaboration, We Will Be Great!

Faculty of Health Sciences (FIKes), Jenderal Soedirman University (Unsoed) made a visit to Hasanuddin University. As the host of this visit was Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas. This visit was in line with Workshop of Institutional Strengthening and Cooperation. The event was officially opened at 09:00 by Vice Rector IV Unhas for Innovation and Partnerships Affairs, Prof. Dr. dr. Budu, Sp.M.

Prof. Dr. dr. Budu, Sp.M. was delivering the material in front of participants Workshop on Strengthening Institutional and Cooperation (18/11)
Prof. Dr. dr. Budu, Sp.M. was delivering the material in front of participants Workshop on Strengthening Institutional and Cooperation (18/11)

After opening the event, WR IV Unhas continued his presentation entitled “University Partnership: UNHAS Experiences”. At the beginning of his presentation, the former Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Medicine introduced the organizational structure in the field of Innovation and Cooperation Affairs. He said that under the WR IV there are two directorates: 1) Directorate for International Partnerships, and 2) Directorate of Development Research and Innovation. To help both directorates, there are also two offices i.e. Office of International Affairs and Office of Regional Affairs which is still ad-hoc office.

Furthermore, he presented the various types of cooperation that has been explored Unhas both national and international cooperation. As of 2016, the total of Unhas partner countries are 21 countries in which Japan became the largest country having Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with UNHAS. The amount of MoU with international institutions is 66 MoU.

He also presented the cooperations that were built in scheme of awarding scholarships to the students. According to the data, 4,063 students awarded the scholarships from local government, 3,764 students received scholarship from central government, 118 students obtained scholarship set up by foundations / private sector and 84 students awarded scholarships granted by the institutions of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs).

Furthermore, Prof. Budu, so he usually called, provideed example of cooperation type in ABCG scheme (Academic, Bussiness, Community and Government). One example is Maiwa Bredding Center involving Unhas, government Enrekang, Indonesian Institute of Sciences and Ministry of Public Works.

Another ABCG cooperation is Public Salt Industrialization. This collaboration involves Unhas, BPPT and Government Jeneponto.

Before concluding his presentation, the ophthalmologist expressed briefly about Unhas performance until 2016. One performance data presented was the number of publications indexed by Scopus which is in each year experiencing increase. By 2016, the number of publications indexed Scopus are 934 publications, and in 2015, the number of publications indexed Scopus was 734.

Additional performance data presented was rank of Unhas according to Webometrics showing an improving trend. In July 2015, the position of UNHAS was ranked 17 in Indonesia. In January 2016, this position changed to 12 and in July 2016, UNHAS climbed to position 11.

Those positive activity performances are the result of hard work and collaboration between all parties, either internal or external party of Unhas. “I like a collaboration than competition. With the collaboration, we will be great,” he concluded.

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