Judgment Procession of Bachelor Degree Alumni for Period of December 2016

Tweny three students of pharmacist study program will face judgment procession today, Friday, August 16, 2016. Of those students, one of them is student of Health Laboratory Technology (TLK). The judgment will be held in Faculty of Pharmacy Hasanuddin University and conducted by Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, Prof. Dr. Gemini Alam, M.Si., Apt.

Judgment procession is a procession that must be experienced by students who have passed the final comprehensive exam. After judgment, then the students legally change the status to become alumni of Faculty of Pharmacy and have right to join inauguration.

The best alumni for this December 2016 period of celebration is achieved by Muh. Ihwan Syam having student number N11112282. His GPA is 3.51 with duration of study 4 years 2 months. Judgment procession will be based on Decree of Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy Number 3902/UN4.18/PP.07/2016 dated December 13, 2016.

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