Entry requirements

Prospective new students who wish to enroll Master of Pharmaceutical Science program must meet the following requirements:

  • Prospective master’s program students must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from their original study program or accredited university [based on the National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education (BAN-PT)].
  • Temporary Graduation Certificate (SKL) is permitted provided that a copy of the original diploma must be submitted to the PMB Committee before the deadline for re-registration.
  • Never declared a Drop Out (DO) at UNHAS at the same educational level
  • Additionally, the prospective students should have a Bachelor’s degree with at least 50% chemistry or life science content .

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Distribusi Mata Kuliah 

No Kode Nama Mata Kuliah
1 20N01210102 Filsafat Ilmu Farmasi
2 20N01210203 Desain dan pengembangan sediaan farmasi
3 20N01210301 Statistik dan Metode Penelitian Farmasi
4 20N01210402 Farmakologi-Toksikologi Molekuler
5 20N01210502 Farmasi Klinik & Komunitas
6 20N01210603 Dosis regimen obat
7 20N01210702 Farmakokinetika/Farmakodinamika klinik
8 20N01210802 Konsep Herbal Indonesia
9 20N01210902 Farmakognosi Molekuler
10 20N01211002 Materia Medika Herbal
11 20N01211103 Pengobatan Integrative
12 20N01211202 Sintesis Obat
13 20N01211302 Produksi dan standarisasi produk alam dan sintetik
14 20N01211402 Biokimia Senyawa Obat
15 20N01211502 Analisis Produk Alam dan Sintetik
16 20N01211602 Sistem Penghantaran Obat
17 20N01211702 Rancangan Formulasi Modern
18 20N01211802 Teknologi Sediaan Herbal
19 20N01211902 Mikrobiologi Klinik
20 20N01212002 Biologi Molekuler
21 20N01212102 Bioteknologi Obat, Makanan & Kosmetika
22 20N01212202 Integritas Akademik dan Etika Riset
23 20N01212301 Manajemen Farmasi
24 20N01212401 Farmakoepidemologi & Farmakoekonomi
25 20N01212501 Critical appraisal of literatures
26 20N01212601 Scientific writing and presentation


In accordance with Hasanuddin University Chancellor’s Regulation, Number 2784/UN4.1/KEP/2018 concerning the Implementation of Hasanuddin University Master’s Programs, the master’s program curriculum contains a minimum study load of 36 credits and a maximum of 42 credits.

The master’s program curriculum consists of a minimum of 16 lecture credits and 20 research and publication credits, namely:

  1. Compulsory courses in the study program consist of a minimum of 6 credits and a maximum of 9 credits;
  2. Skill-supporting elective courses with a minimum of 10 credits and a maximum of 13 credits;
  3. The thesis research proposal seminar is given a weight of 2 credits;
  4. Publishing (under reviewed status ) 1 (one) scientific article related to a thesis in an accredited international journal or national journal as the first author who can be accompanied by a promoter and/or co-promoter is given a weight of 5 credits;
  5. The research results seminar is given a weight of 4 credits;
  6. The thesis and thesis examination are given a weight of 9 credits;
  7. The maximum number of credits per semester is 18 credits;
  8. The master’s program study period is scheduled for 4 (four) semesters and can be taken in a minimum of 2 semesters and a maximum of 8 semesters.
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